Two-ingredient cookies

Cookies that consist of only two ingredients – sounds almost too good to be true, right? But can biscuits from just two ingredients even taste good? And if so, how?

two ingridient cookies - Two-ingredient cookies

A few days ago he was suddenly there, the big cookie hunger! Of course in the evening after closing time and of course I did not have all the ingredients in the house to quickly bake a tin of crispy cookies.

How good that in such situations there is Pinterest . Quickly clicked through my Foodie Board , and there they were, the easypeasy Two-Ingredient Cookies .
Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical at first. According to the cookie recipe of Pure Ella is needed for the cookies only two very ripe bananas and pithy oatmeal. As a delicious extras, I have a few chocolate chips, coconut chips and a little cinnamon undercut.

Does it taste good?

I can tell you now, my initial concerns were utterly unfounded. Even when the treats were in the oven, the whole apartment smelled wonderfully of banana and cinnamon.

Two-ingredient cookies have mastered the nasal test with flying colors. Although the consistency is not quite comparable to that of its big counterparts, they’re just more crispy. In terms of taste, the (clearly!) healthier variant is in no way inferior to the chocolate cookies!

And how do you make the cookies?

The bananas are simply crushed to mush with a fork and then mixed well with the oatmeal. If you like, you can add some delicious ingredients now. For example, nuts, dried fruits and chocolate pieces are wonderfully suitable. Now the dough only has to be spooned in portions onto the baking tray with a tablespoon and then into the oven.

Sounds easy? It is!

Two Ingridient cookies 150x150 1 - Two-ingredient cookies


Two-Ingredient Cookies

  Portions : 12 Cookies

  Calories per serving : 64 kcal


  •   2
      ripe bananas
  •   80
      pithy oatmeal
  •   30
      dark chocolate
  •   25
      Coconut Chips
  •   1/2


  1. The bananas in Crush a small bowl with a fork to banana sauce and mix well with the oatmeal. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well.

  2. Place the “dough” on a baking tray covered with baking paper, as it is on a spoonful. Bake the cookies for about 13-15 minutes at 175 degrees.

The Two-Ingredient cookies are completely unavailable the crispiness of chocolate cookies, but even with they were even more uptake than their big counterparts!

Why, you ask yourself? Definitely has something to do with the fact that with the two-ingredient cookies, even after the fifth biscuit, you do not have to have a guilty conscience. 😉

I can only warmly recommend these treats to you! It’s best to leave them fresh from the oven when the chocolate is still soft. Hach, I think I’m in the kitchen again!

Have you ever made Two-Ingredient treats? And who wants a few cookies?

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