Turkish pasta with minced meat and yoghurt sauce

Honestly, I have not had so much fun while taking pictures as I did yesterday.

The Turkish Pasta with Minced Meat and Yoghurt Sauce is so delicious that I nearly topped it off the pines at first cost. Crispy roasted minced meat and grated zucchini combine with cool yoghurt sauce for summer noodle bliss.

Sometimes you discover recipes in the vastness of the Internet, whose names do not sound so great at first. Turkish pork recipe for example. I’m thinking more of a spicy meatloaf, than this treat. Luckily, the Turkish pasta recipe made me curious anyway. The combination of zucchini and minced meat is an absolute dream!

Incidentally, the noodles have tasted Mr. Kochkarussell so well that he has just put away the entire portion. Well, a grace remnant of two tablespoons he has mercifully left me, while I was drinking coffee with my girls. You can almost imagine how delicious the noodles are? 😉

Are you still looking for the ultimate pasta recipe? Then run to the stove and try this treat, you will not regret it!

T C3 BCrkische Pasta mit Hackfleisch und Joghurt Sauce 150x150 1 - Turkish pasta with minced meat and yoghurt sauce


Turkish Pasta with Minced Meat and Yoghurt Sauce

  Portions : 4 Large Portions

  calories per serving : 853 kcal


  •   2
      Mug natural yogurt
  •   1
      Garlic clove
  •   3 1/2
      Olive oil
  •   1
      big hand parsley
  •   500
  •   1
  •   500
      Minced meat
  •   2
  •   2
      Paprika powder


  1. Mix the natural yoghurt in a bowl. Eat garlic directly into the yoghurt, or fry in half an tbsp of olive oil for one minute at medium temperature, so that the garlic flag is not so strong later. Add the garlic with the parsley to the yoghurt, pepper well and salt. Put in the fridge until ready to eat.

  2. Cooking noodles. In the meantime, sweat the onions in 2 tablespoons of olive oil over medium heat for one minute. Add minced meat and fry until crispy. While doing so, grate one courgettes roughly, cut the other into rings and fry in a second pan.

  3. As soon as the minced meat is crispy, add zucchini curd. Fry for a minute, then season with paprika, salt and pepper.

  4. Put the noodles on deep plates, serve with hack, zucchini slices and a large bottle of yoghurt sauce.

Kochkarussell: Türkische Pasta mit Hackfleisch und Joghurt-Sauce

My dear ones, what says you to my turkish pasta dream? Do you tell me your favorite pasta dish?

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