eleven fleet 15 minute recipes 5dcfbbfc7c1b8.jpeg - Eleven fleet 15-minute recipes

Eleven fleet 15-minute recipes

Imagine, you come home after a long day and have hunger. Cook for a long time? No way! That’s why I’m serving you today 11 quick and easy 15-minute Recipes . Ready in no time and delicious Soulfood – that’s how we enjoy it! Pasta with Cream Cheese Sauce and Smoked Salmon 19459004] Pasta with…

20 minute thai shrimp soup 5dd12c85cca34.jpeg - 20-minute Thai Shrimp Soup

20-minute Thai Shrimp Soup

Have your spoons ready, dear ones! Today it is getting exotic, spicy and pleasantly warm. May I introduce: 20-minute Thai Shrimp Soup . The perfect December Soulfood! If you’ve been following the cooking carousel for some time, you’ll remember the 20-minute Thai Chicken Soup . Me. Love. These. Soup. But sometimes I need a little…

20 minute thai chicken soup 5dd12cece1ac1.jpeg - 20-minute Thai Chicken Soup

20-minute Thai Chicken Soup

I’ll tell you something. For the 20-minute Thai Chicken Soup I risked a full-blown relationship crisis. You have to say that being a food blogger is not always easy. The whole Geshoote, the thoughts always revolve around the food and then there are also the darn social media channels. I’m really lucky with my Mr….

simple 30 minute pho 5dd1291296e88.jpeg - Simple 30-minute Pho

Simple 30-minute Pho

The shocking news: For a traditional pho-noodle soup with beef you have to plan well six hours. Because the 1st is elaborate and 2nd is not compatible with the evening, I have THE solution for you today. Allow, 30-minute Pho. Fast, hearty and damn good. Let me put it this way: This soup is a…

15 minute salmon and cream cheese rolls 5dd129609bdc4.jpeg - 15-minute salmon and cream cheese rolls

15-minute salmon and cream cheese rolls

Advertising. Do you like to whisper in foreign flats? Then today I have a very special treat for you! Together with Miree I show you today my absolute favorite corner in the new Kochkarussell-Headquarter. On top of that, there are 15-minute salmon cream cheese rolls and a fat sweepstake. 15-minute salmon and cream cheese rolls…

30 minute spring roll soup 5dd10624b5593.jpeg - 30-minute spring roll soup

30-minute spring roll soup

And all so: Spring Roll Soup ? Huh? Ohhh yes people, spring roll soup. Wonderfully hearty spring roll soup with roasted minced meat, carrots and cabbage to be exact. Add ginger, soy sauce and a dash of fish sauce for a proper Asian flavor. I’ll tell you, this 30-minute Low Carb (!) Soulfood is the…

10 last minute ideas for mother039s day 5dcfe2d876427.jpeg - 10 last-minute ideas for Mother's Day

10 last-minute ideas for Mother's Day

Hups. The day after tomorrow is Mother’s Day and you have no idea what to surprise your mom with? No panic! With the 10 last-minute ideas for Mother’s Day you can really spoil your mom. All fast, easy and really delicious. That’s how Mother’s Day can come! Rhubarb cake with meringue and marzipan How lucky…

15 minute pasta with garlic lemon and parmesan 5dcfcf9243401.jpeg - 15-minute pasta with garlic, lemon and Parmesan

15-minute pasta with garlic, lemon and Parmesan

Garlic fans beware: I’ve got something for you! The 15-minute pasta with garlic, lemon and Parmesan are the perfect Soulfood, if it has to go fast again. Fresh, easy and done in no time, this pasta dish you’ll love! Honestly, I totally love garlic. The delicious tuber goes but always! Well, before job interviews, dates…

5 minute avocado and lemon dressing 5dcea06254f91.jpeg - 5-minute avocado and lemon dressing

5-minute avocado and lemon dressing

Okay okay okayyyy. This 5-Minute Avocado & Lemon Dressing is MAGICAL! Wonderfully avocado and creamy and lemony with a large handful of parsley. Serve with good olive oil, a dash of maple syrup and a little knobi and the easypeasy sauce is ready. For friends, if a dressing is easy, then this one! Your To…

fluffy 20 minute carrot cake pancakes 5dcea96b1087e.jpeg - Fluffy 20-minute Carrot Cake Pancakes

Fluffy 20-minute Carrot Cake Pancakes

Advertising. People! Juicy, deliciously fluffy 20-minute Carrot Cake Pancakes ! Packed with grated carrots, a little cinnamon, and the whole pile is crowned with maple syrup and fresh fruit. The real highlight is yet to come. This pancake recipe is simple and perfect to prepare. Is not that incredible? I always thought, Pancakes would be…