Sausage goulash (super easy and so good!)

Ok friends, I have to confess something to you. Call me crazy, but I have a little obsession for the full afternoon and evening program of VOX. Yes, Perfect Dinner, Between Tulle and Tears and Co are definitely my Guilty Pleasure.

Just a few weeks ago, when I accidentally zipped my child into my child, it was about sausage goulash . More specifically, the one commentator said that you really do not need a bag for sausage goulash and that he can do it better 10 times.

And what was the only thing I could think of? “What bidde is sausage goulash and why have I never heard of it?”

Now it’s true that my brain thinks of food 24/7 anyway. And because this goulash has never left my head, I went to look for the bag department at the next supermarket visit. Honestly, I did not know in my huge favorite supermarket where there are bags. But did you still find her with the help of a friendly employee and do you know what? As expected, there was a lot of junk in the bag that I do not really want to have in my food. So I thought to myself: “What the hell, there’s freestyle sausage goulash.”

And the result? The result is the absolute, ultimate, thanks for giving Vox Hammer!

Let’s take a quick look at the list of ingredients. You need:

  • Wiener sausages. I like to buy my sausages on the market in organic quality. As a veggie or vegan you can also take perfect sausages on a vegetable or tofu basis.
  • Paprika. I like to take red, yellow but also.
  • Onion and garlic. These buddies provide extra flavor.
  • Vegetable broth. I prefer homemade vegetable broth .
  • Chopped tomatoes.
  • Creme Fraiche. Perfect for making the goulash creamy.
  • Spices. sweet paprika, curry powder and chilli flakes 4 evaaa.

Just add the ingredients gradually into the pot, let it simmer a bit and the dinner is ready!

By the way. When you’re on low carb, you just spoon the spicy goulash. Otherwise, I love a batch of pasta to it. Mostly Fusilli, because they absorb the sauce so perfectly.

I hope you will love this recipe!

The sausage goulash is:

  • Super simple.
  • Hearty.
  • Spicy.
  • A memory of childhood days.
  • Ready in 30 minutes.
  • Absolute Soulfood.

You tried this recipe? Then let me know! Comment, rate and do not forget to tag your photo on Instagram with #kochkarussell . Thank you, dear ones!

wurst gulasch 5 150x150 - Sausage goulash (super easy and so good!)


Sausage goulash


  •   1
  •   2
      Garlic Cloves
  •   250
      Organic Wiener
  •   2
      EL olive oil
  •   1
  •   1
      Tin of chopped tomatoes
      400 g
  •   200
      vegetable stock
  •   150
      Creme Fraiche
  •   1 1/2
      TL curry powder
  •   1 1/2
      TL Paprika Powder sweet
  •   1/4
      TL Chilli flakes
  •   salt and pepper
  •   Noodles for serving


  1. [ 19459001] If necessary cook noodles al dente. Peel onion and garlic and chop finely. Slice sausages.
  2. Heat oil in a large pot. Fry the onion and garlic over medium heat for 2 minutes. Add Wiener and fry for another 5 minutes. While doing so, wash the peppers, core them and dice them.

  3. Add the peppers, chopped tomatoes, broth, creme fraiche and spices and simmer for 5-10 minutes.

  4. Season with salt and pepper and enjoy with noodles.

Mia’s Tips

Reader’s tip: If sausages are left over from grilling, you can also perfectly use the ones instead of the Viennese ones ,

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