Philippine fried noodles pancit

Advertising. Dear passengers, In a few minutes we will start our approach to Manila. The crew of A culinary expedition -Airline says goodbye to you. Ahoy dear ones, there you are! Ready for a taste expedition? Filipino cuisine is a true melting pot of flavors. As a travel companion, I have a recipe for Philippine Fried Noodles Pancit in my luggage. Fast, fresh and incredibly tasty, these fried noodles are real comfort food.

Philippinische Bratnudeln Pancit. Schnell, einfach und verdammt lecker -

We start our journey on a wet market in Manila, a typical Filipino farmer’s market. Everywhere we discover small stalls with fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. In addition to glowing papayas and pomelos, a whole mountain of plump mango pops up. Let’s have a glass of wine Green Mango Juice . The juice of the unripe mangoes is wonderfully refreshing.

Oh and over there! Do you see the booth with the Filipino specialties? Here are fried chicken feet and the traditional specialty balut , hatched duck eggs. Uarks! Since we prefer to put up with the very exceptional smelling stink fruit. Well, who is brave and tried?

An attractive scent lures us outside and all of a sudden we are overcome by hunger. We discover many small food stalls in which it seethes auspiciously. What can it be for you? Perhaps a large portion Arroz Caldo , the seductive rice soup with chicken? Or how about Lumpia , the delicious Filipino spring rolls?

After getting to know the colorful cuisine of the Filipinos, it is time for us to start our journey home. But do not worry, you will not get home without something proper in my stomach! That’s why I brought with us a large portion of Filipino fried noodles.

Philippinische Bratnudeln Pancit. Schnell, einfach und verdammt lecker -

Philippine Fried Noodles Pancit

If you like fried noodles with crunchy vegetables and crispy flesh, you’ll love Pancit! The noodles absorb the spicy taste of the broth, which was used to cook vegetables and meat. Of course you can also omit the meat and instead use tofu or shrimp instead.

In the Philippines, pancit is traditionally served on birthdays and special occasions. The noodles symbolize a long life. Well, if that’s no reason for a little pasta party! Crispy vegetables, crispy meats and spicy noodles: these fried noodles are absolute comfort food Luckily you only need a pan and some fresh, healthy ingredients for this quick treat.

philippinische bratnudeln pancit rezept3 150x150 - Philippine fried noodles pancit


Filipino Fried Noodles Pancit

  Portions : 4

  Calories per serving : 489 kcal


  •   2
  •   250
  •   4
      Spring Onions
  •   300
      lean pork
  •   1
  •   3
      Garlic Cloves
  •   60
      for example sunflower oil
  •   3
      soy sauce
  •   500
      vegetable broth
  •   250
      Egg wok noodles


  1. [19459001 ] Cut carrots and cabbage into very fine strips. Cut spring onions into rings.
  2. Pork 1 x 1 cm dice. Finely chop the onion and garlic. Heat the oil and fry pork with onions, garlic and 2 tablespoons of soy sauce.

  3. Add vegetable broth and bring to a boil. Cook the vegetables in a low heat for 10 minutes.

  4. Add noodles. Simmer until the whole broth is absorbed by the pasta. Season with the last tablespoon of soy sauce.

My dear ones, I hope you have the little excursion fallen to the Philippines. For me, it was culinary definitely an absolute enlightenment, I never give this fry noodle recipe again. Next Tuesday, the journey continues on Cuisine Violette . Let’s see if we should rather pack bikini or ski clothes.

PS: You want more Asian taste buds? How about the Carrot Peanut Soup with Coconut Milk or the motley Asian Vegetable Pan ?

Where are the fried noodle fans? And to whom may I send a bowl of Filipino delicacy?

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