Pasta with zucchini and goat's cheese

Every semester, it’s the same game. For months I have so much time until the exams , and then they are all at once. Out of nowhere, so to speak.

Sure, then the big bustle breaks out. I learn until nice words like phenylethanolamine-N-ethyltransferase hang out of my ears and write index cards (Yes!). Incidentally, I do my best that I’m not even overrun by a small panic attack. Sounds like a lot of fun, is not it?

You can understand that in the kitchen you have to go fast now? That’s why I brought you today pasta with zucchini and goat’s cheese . Refined with a spoonful of honey and rosemary, this noodle dish is the perfect soul comforter for which you will not even spend 20 minutes in the kitchen.

Tarte flambée with goat cheese and honey goes Pastageicht

The combination of goat cheese and honey makes the pasta sweet and spicy at the same time. In the beginning you taste the sweet honey, then the mild taste of goat’s cheese and rosemary spreads, a heavenly affair!

Be careful when frying the zucchini that you do not let them like me get too dark. If the Zucchini slices do not burn, the sauce gets pretty light. With 100 grams of fresh goat cheese, it gives the sauce a subtle goat cheese taste. You wanted something stronger? Then just increase the amount to 150-200 grams.

Pasta mit Zucchini Ziegenk C3 A4se Sauce1 150x150 1 - Pasta with zucchini and goat's cheese


Pasta with zucchini and goat’s cheese

  Portions : 2

  calories per serving : 721 kcal


  •   200
  •   2
      Olive oil
  •   3
      medium zucchini
  •   100
      fresh goat’s cheese roll
      like more
  •   1
      neat shot of milk
  •   1 – 1 1/2
  •   2
      branches rosemary
  •   Salt and pepper


  1. Pasta cook al dente. In the meantime, slice the zucchinis into thin slices with a vegetable slicer

  2. Heat the olive oil in a pan and fry the zucchini slices in it for about 5 minutes. Salting

  3. Add fresh goat cheese and melt over medium heat in the pan, stirring constantly. Add milk, honey and rosemary needles. Mix everything well

  4. Drain the pasta and place it under the zucchini and goat’s cheese sauce. Season with salt and pepper again, then serve immediately

Pasta with zucchini, goat’s cheese, honey and rosemary, would this combination be something for you?

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