Oreo Pops with White Chocolate {PAMK}

Well, you little Christmas elf, who is still in last-minute Christmas stress?

I would like to tell you now that as a good blogger I have of course already had all the presents wrapped up in a wonderful package and now I am very contemplative about the final preparations. Unfortunately, I would then miniscule a little …

Finally, this year’s gift from the kitchen is not finished yet – Oreo Pops with white chocolate and brittle . Luckily, these delicious biscuits on style have a definite advantage: Oreo Pop’s big production is really easy and can be done during the totally bloggermäßigen wrapping the gifts (just just wrapping paper and Tüdelband is something of out).

These little treats are a hot tip for those who want to conjure up a delicious snack for their loved ones.

Of course, the Oreo Pops not only taste wonderfully chocolaty-decadent at Christmas, they are also a great souvenir to any solemn matter.

oreo pops 150x150 1 - Oreo Pops with White Chocolate {PAMK}


16 Oreo Pops

  Portions : 16 Oreo Pops

  calories per serving : 124 kcal


  •   1
      Package Oreos
      Best Double Stuff
  •   White couverture
  •   Brittle
  •   Lolli Sticks


  1. First open the Oreos. The Double Stuf Oreos is easy to turn up, I’ve used a Lolli Stick for the normals.

  2. Now melt the white couverture. Add a dollop of couverture to each half of an oat, then place the lollipop on it and finally seal it with the second half of the oriole. Get well.

  3. Once the lollipops are firm you can cover them with white couverture. Then roll from both sides in a bowl with brittle. Bake on baking paper, the Oreo pops are done.

[19459007 ] What wonderful delicacies from the kitchen will you make your loved ones happy this year?

Have a wonderful day,


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