Lebanese eggplant stew

Do you already know the secret superstar in the cooking carousel?

The somewhat outdated gentleman sneaks nothing to me, you nothing in every second picture and of course always makes an incredibly good figure.

Most recently, he has casually joined the fast western pan , before that he was at the lukewarm couscous salad Visit and now he cuddles himself to the delicious Lebanese eggplant stew , which I serve you today.

What am I talking about? Well of my beloved and universally applicable antique spoon!

Watt, from a spoon ?! Jo! Savvy food bloggers know what I’m talking about. Cutlery with a story aka tidy Patina is indispensable for food pictures, unless you want to stage yourself on each of your pictures. It always reflects very well in joggers and hoodies. Nene, I’m very happy about my wonderful spoon, but I should probably expand the small cutlery family a little at the next flea market …
auberginen eintopf1 zpsbc925afd - Lebanese eggplant stew [ 19459009]

So, how do I gallantly turn from a wonderful antique dealer find to my Lebanese eggplant stew? Best short and painless:

Evil tongues claim again and again, the eggplant would taste nothing, or even worse, not at all. Today I want to say to all these aubergine enemies, “Pah, try this aubergine stew before you continue to refuse the delicious nightshade plant!”

auberginen eintopf2 zpsbc27ca3a - Lebanese eggplant stew [19459009 ]

In the stew, the aubergines really show their very best side. Frying in olive oil makes the aubergine cubes crispy on the outside, but they stay pleasantly soft inside. For a healthy dose of vigor, chickpeas and chopped tomatoes. This would be a fresh touch pleasant? Can you have it! Two tablespoons of fresh mint give the stew a very light, almost lemony touch.

You have no fresh mint in the house? Does not matter, the mint made from the mint tea bag makes her job quite wonderful. But go, it’s worth it!

Auberginen Eintopf2 zpsbc27ca3a 150x150 1 - Lebanese eggplant stew


Lebanese aubergine stew

  Portions : 2

  calories per serving : 547 kcal


  •   2
      large eggplants
  •   3
      + 1 tbsp olive oil
  •   2
  •   1 1/2
      Tomato paste
  •   1
      small tin chickpeas
  •   1
      small tin of chopped tomatoes
  •   1
      Garlic clove
  •   2
  •   1/2
  •   Chilli
      Salt & Pepper


  1. The Wash the aubergines, dice them and fry in a high, coated pan over medium heat in 3 tablespoons of oil until the pieces are crispy on the outside. Meanwhile, finely chop the onions. Put the eggplant cubes on a small plate

  2. Heat the rest of the oil in the pan and fry the onion cubes until they are glassy. Add the tomato paste and chickpeas, stir and immediately add the chopped tomatoes and eggplant cubes

  3. Fill the empty tomato can with water up to half. Fill the stew with water

  4. Cook over medium heat for 15 minutes, stirring regularly

  5. Add 15 minutes to garlic, mint and cumin, simmer for another 5 minutes

  6. Season with chili, salt and pepper, done! Couscous or rice, for example, tastes

Adapted to the wonderful recipe for Maghour by Chef [ 19459026]

Listen, is there a secret superstar on your blog? And what about eggplants?

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