Green asparagus with waxy eggs

For me it is great culinary art to combine few good ingredients in such a way that a true taste experience is created. I mean, is there anything cooler than three inconspicuous ingredients that, with a bit of time and love, only cheer on “BAM BAM BAM”?

True jubilee choirs have triggered green asparagus with waxy eggs . Crispy asparagus can be deliciously dipped in waxy yolk. I’ll tell you how to clean it!

Green asparagus tips dipped in a soft egg. What a great idea! Asparagus is currently in abundance and I always have eggs in the house anyway. No wonder that I had to try the idea.

In the end, I did not stick to the recipe but gave the asparagus a light dip in olive oil. In addition the waxy eggs and a pinch of salt, you already have a fresh spring lunch.

Spargel mit wachsweichen Eiern || Kochkarussell You only clicked on the post because you were expecting THE ultimate tip for waxy eggs? Sorry my dears, I have to disappoint you. I am an absolute egg cooker rivet. Will never work for me. Either they are too hard or are still glibberig inside, but wonderfully soft waxy? Nope!

That’s why I have a great trick. Create your egg cooker. Does not cost a lot and provides you with perfect eggs in the most reliable way.

Spargel mit wachsweichen Eiern 150x150 1 - Green asparagus with waxy eggs


Green asparagus with waxy egg

  Portions : 2

  Calories per serving : 254 kcal


  •   500
  •   4
  •   1
      Olive oil
  •   Salt


  1. The lower third peel the asparagus, cut off the woody ends

  2. Cut the asparagus spears into 3 cm pieces, leave the top pieces slightly longer so that they can be dipped well

  3. Heat olive oil in a non-stick pan and fry the asparagus pieces over medium heat for 6-8 minutes until the asparagus is tenderly browned and cooked

  4. In the meantime, the eggs in the egg cooker are waxy

  5. Carefully behead the eggs and enjoy with some salt and roasted asparagus

[ 19459003] Would this Kombina tion of asparagus and egg what for you?

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