Eleven fleet 15-minute recipes

11 schnelle und einfache 15-Minuten Rezepte. Damit gehen euch die flotten Rezepte nie mehr aus! Kochkarussell.com

Imagine, you come home after a long day and have hunger. Cook for a long time? No way!

That’s why I’m serving you today 11 quick and easy 15-minute Recipes .

Ready in no time and delicious Soulfood – that’s how we enjoy it! Pasta with Cream Cheese Sauce and Smoked Salmon

19459004] Pasta with cream cheese sauce and smoked salmon are the blast. If you want to spoil yourself and your loved ones, you must try this soulfood.

Pizzadillas. Extrakäsig, knusprig und vollgepackt mit typischen Pizza-Zutaten - kochkarussell.com


For me Pizzadillas THE fast and healthy alternative to Pizza. The delicious result of a romance between pizza and quesadilla is extracafe, crunchy and packed with typical pizza ingredients!

Unglaublich leckere California Cottage Cheese Bowl - Kochkarussell.com

California Cottage Cheese Bowl

Fancy a quick and filling snack? The California Cottage Cheese Bowl is a brisk dream of avocado, tomato and creamy cottage cheese and really tasty. A piece of baguette and the dinner is scratched. Garlic fans beware: 15-minute garlic pasta

19459005] are exactly to your taste. I’ll tell you, to clean it up!

15-Minute Spaghetti with Garlic, Lemon and Parmesan

Welcome to Pasta Heaven! This cheesy-spicy comfort food will be on the table in a quarter of an hour and sweeten your every stressful day. Definitely try it!

Brezensalat mit Honig-Senf-Dressing - Kochkarussell.com

Pretzel Salad with Honey and Mustard Dressing

Thick, crispy pretzel cubes and a creamy light dressing make this an absolute happy-go-lucky. Treat yourself to Pretzel Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing as a filling dinner or small appetizer. Colorful, crisp and finished in no time.

One Pot Mexican Pasta - Kochkarussell.com

One Pot Pasta Master Recipe

You are hungry, but you do not feel like cooking? Then One Pot Pasta is your salvation! Just give all the ingredients in a pot, stir a couple of times and be rewarded after 12 minutes with delicious Soulfood. Awesome, right?

Knuspriger Bratreis mit Erbsen - Kochkarussell.com

Like, you have never made roast beef yourself? Then it will be the highest railway! This phenomenally crispy Bratreis with Peas requires only seven ingredients and fifteen minutes of your precious time.

Kichererbsen-Curry - Kochkarussell.com

Indian Chickpea Curry

It is love and indeed the very big one. The Indian chickpea curry is always available in winter. Hearty, spicy and super fast!

Pasta mit Salbei, getrockneten Tomaten und Feta - Kochkarussell.com

Vapiano copycat pasta with sage, dried tomatoes and feta

Psssst! The Pasta with Sage, Dried Tomatoes and Feta are the perfect Copycat recipe for the Pasta Salvia from the Vapiano. But the combination is also good for re-interpretation.

One Pot Mexican Pasta -Kochkarussell.com

Fiesta Mexicana? But hello! The One Pot Mexican Pasta are packed with Mexican flavors and in less than 15 minutes on the table. Fast, easy and ingeniously good!

Now I’m curious: which 15 minute meal is your favorite?

You tried these recipes? Then let me know! Comment, rate and do not forget to tag your photo on Instagram with #kochkarussell . Thank you, dear ones!

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