Crunchy wok vegetables with turkey and sesame

Do you know something worse than cooked vegetables? So soft that you do not even have to chew it? Uargh, already at the thought of shaking me! But proper cooking is not difficult!

So that you can only enjoy crisp fresh vegetables in the future, today I have brought a few tips on Vegetable crispy roast . Together we say the old slap vegetables to the fight, yeah!

Immediately implement the tips then, for example, with a large portion of crisp wok vegetables with turkey and sesame . That’s what happened to us in the last few days and my sweetheart and I were very excited. Even at the first fork, the combination of spicy soy sauce, spicy ginger and the roasted flavors of the vegetables conjured hearts in my eyes. Incidentally, the vegetable pan is also a wonderfully wholesome meal, without carbohydrates.

But now for the tips! For vegetables, it is essential to know the cooking time . In general: the harder the vegetables, the longer the cooking time . For very hard vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage or carrots, it is therefore advisable to blanch the vegetables briefly (about two minutes) in hot water and then quench them in ice-cold water. Meanwhile, less firm vegetables such as peppers or zucchini can be seared in the wok. Soft vegetables such as mushrooms and spring onions are simply added at the very end along with the blanched vegetables for a minute or two.

The Wok is particularly suitable for roasting vegetables, because the wok is very hot, but only briefly roasted. In addition, you should never completely sear vegetables without fat , otherwise important vitamins and phytochemicals can not be absorbed by the body.

Wok Gem C3 BCse mit Pute 2 150x150 1 - Crunchy wok vegetables with turkey and sesame

 Wok vegetables with turkey and sesame

  Portions : 4

  calories per serving : 178 kcal


  •   400
      Turkey breast
  •   Soy Sauce
  •   4
  •   1
  •   2
      big carrots
  •   1
      red onion
  •   1
      red and 1 yellow pepper
  •   1
  •   250
  •   2
      fresh ginger


  1. The turkey breast in Cut medium sized pieces and marinate in soy sauce. In the meantime roast sesame in a small pan without fat. Slice the broccoli into florets and carrots, blanch for two minutes in boiling water, then drain.

  2. In a wok, make 2 tablespoons of oil to get really hot and fry the turkey breast vigorously. Remove the meat from the pan and fry the onion, pepper and zucchini for about 3 minutes, stirring well. Finally, add mushrooms, broccoli and carrots. Fry for another minute. Add the meat. Season with salt, pepper, chilli, plenty of soy sauce and ginger, done.

You need to do a bit of chipping work for the wok vegetables, but I promise you, it’s worth it yourself! Of course, you can also use any other vegetables, I can imagine, for example, eggplant, bean sprouts, pak choi and mangetouts. Now I wish you good appetite and only the best of my loves,

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