Christmas Recipe Roundup

Here it is, the 24th of December. Do you already have all the gifts from the kitchen together? No? Then my Christmas Recipe Roundup is just right. The recipes are all so fast and straightforward that you can conjure them up without problems even this morning.

My dear, before we start, I would like to say thank you again! Thank you for your support. You have really turned the cooking carousel into my big heart project.

Weihnachtliches Recipe Roundup -

The juicy chocolate macaroons with dark chocolate core were your big favorites this year.

No wonder, chocolaty, delicate and coconut-like, the Makros enchant us with a heart of dark chocolate.

Weihnachtliches Recipe Roundup: Haferflockenkekse mit Ingwer -

You are still looking for a turbo concept? Then I can recommend you the oatmeal biscuits with ginger . The biscuits are wonderfully tender, melt on the tongue and have a mild sharpness through the ginger. That’s how we enjoy last-minute treats!

Weihnachtliches Recipe Roundup: Stempelkekse -

Say it with biscuit: The lemony butter biscuit dough biscuit biscuits are an absolute eye-catcher and a wonderful surprise for dear friends ,

Weihnachtliches Recipe Roundup: Bratapfelmarmelade aus vier Zutaten -

Still looking for the perfect last minute gift from the kitchen? How about the 4-ingredient baked apple jam ? Small caramelized apple pieces, roasted almonds and a decent pinch of cinnamon are simply irresistibly delicious.

Weihnachtliches Recipe Roundup: Schoko-Knuspermülsi mit Kokosflocken -

You want some luxury at the Christmas breakfast table? Then treat yourself to the quick Chocolate Crunchy Muesli with Coconut Flakes . Crunchy, cocoa-wrapped oatmeal, tender coconut flakes and thick chocolate pieces – so we start the day even better in Christmas.

My dear ones, I wish you magical holidays. Have it cozy and beat your bellies full. I insert now a small Weihnachtspäuschen, but at the latest to the annual review in a week we meet again. Enjoy the time with your loved one and have the best Christmas you can get.

Your Mia

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