vegan english ginger biscuits with fresh ginger 5dcff4c14f9b9.jpeg - Vegan English ginger biscuits with fresh ginger

Vegan English ginger biscuits with fresh ginger

Outside it is gray, stormy and uncomfortable. It looks like we can not really deny the beginning of the fall . A small consolation: in bad weather, there is nothing better than a cup of hot tea, and I love tea! Incidentally, as the temperatures drop, so does the desire for all the cozy things…

caramel chocolate cookies with hazelnuts 5dcff4db2948c.jpeg - Caramel chocolate cookies with hazelnuts

Caramel chocolate cookies with hazelnuts

What is nicer on a dingy gray Sunday than lying on the sofa with a good book, a cup of tea and delicious home-baked cookies and having it cuddly warm and cozy? Exactly, nothing! That’s why I want to share my new favorite cookie recipe with you today. The cookies are wonderfully soft, chocolaty and…

chocolate and orange cookies 5dcff48e26b7c.jpeg - Chocolate and orange cookies

Chocolate and orange cookies

[19459008 ] In the Christmas bakery, there are some delicacies, and between flour and milk, many a goblet makes a huge mess. In the Christmas bakery … Hach, I just love this song, with me it awakens great childhood memories of bake cookies with dear friends. Are there any more Rolf Zuckowski fans? Since the…

great news and a christmas giveaway 5dcff47796dc7.jpeg - Great news and a Christmas Giveaway

Great news and a Christmas Giveaway

Today there are wonderful news my dear ones! In December, I have a couple of great guest bloggers visiting you, who will bring you magical delicacies on the theme “ In the Christmas bakery “. Hui, I’m very excited that will be super! In order for you to be able to work with me, I’ve…

oreo pops with white chocolate pamk 5dcff27d29a65.jpeg - Oreo Pops with White Chocolate {PAMK}

Oreo Pops with White Chocolate {PAMK}

Well, you little Christmas elf, who is still in last-minute Christmas stress? I would like to tell you now that as a good blogger I have of course already had all the presents wrapped up in a wonderful package and now I am very contemplative about the final preparations. Unfortunately, I would then miniscule a…

healthy peanut butter cookies 5dcff2319b3ae - Healthy Peanut Butter Cookies

Healthy Peanut Butter Cookies

Are you so into peanut butter? So I can not really get the tasty stuff at the moment. I constantly think about where I can cheat a two spoonful of peanut butter. My latest coup is Healthy Peanut Butter Cookies . Not too sweet, wonderfully peanut buttery and with a good portion of chopped peanuts….

coconut fir trees with powdered sugar snow pamk 5dcff29801f0f.jpeg - Coconut Fir Trees with Powdered Sugar Snow {PAMK}

Coconut Fir Trees with Powdered Sugar Snow {PAMK}

The best cookie baker in the world? Definitely my grandma ! Every year she fills a whole room with tons of different cookies. Everywhere large and small biscuit tins pile up, which magically attract all the children of the family. Also for me it is since I am a little girl year by year the…