Blogevent Rhubarb Happiness – All recipes and the winners

Die ultimative Sammlung an Rhabarber-Rezepten. 80 tolle Rhabarber-Rezepte beim Rhabarberglück-Blogevent -


Honestly, I’m still totally overwhelmed. I expected so many rhubarb lovers. After all, is a hot little guy, the good Monsieur Rhubarb.

But 80 grandiose contributions to the Rhubarb Happiness Blogevent ? With that you blew me away.


A C H T Z I G delicious, creative recipes and exciting posts. I have read every single post and I am also happy about the recipes by mail from the heart. Unbelievable, what has come together. Homemade rhubarb juice, a whole family of rhubarb pie and -tartes and savory treats are just a few examples.


But now I do not want to stretch you to the torture anymore. After all, you want to sift through the recipes and see what goodies have been won.

Then let’s go.

Die ultimative Sammlung an Rhabarber-Rezepten. 80 tolle Rhabarber-Rezepte beim Rhabarberglück-Blogevent -

Dandelion Dream heralds the rhubarb breaker with quark waffles and raspberry-rhubarb compote.

Dandelion Dreams

Refreshment? The charming Anne of Chèvre culinaire would offer delicious rhubarb syrup .

Rhabarbersirup von Chevre Culinaire

Rhubarb tart with custard pudding and crunchy short crust pastry. This tart from Das Kocherl does not only sound wonderful, it also looks uniquely beautiful.

Rhabarbertarte von Das Kocherl

At Lecker & Co the rhubarb is stuffed with cottage cheese into strudel dough.

Rhabarberstrudel von Lecker&co

Rhubarb pie with meringue is one of my absolute favorite cakes and experiments from my kitchen looks fantastic.

Rhabarberkuchen mit Baiser von Experimente aus meiner Küche

Cake in glass is always a good idea. At Essen ohne Grenzen, there are cute rhubarb yoghurt cakes with meringue .

Rhabarber-Joghurt-Kuchen von Essen ohne Grenzen

The dear Katrin of Taste spoils us with Rhubarb Crumble Cake . Mhhhhm.

Rhabarberstreuselkuchen von Geschmackssinn

The kitchen sugar snail has an enchanting rhubarb-vanilla cake .

Rhabarber-Vanille-Torte von Die Küchenzuckerschnecke

Does not the little Rhababer-Charlotte family look fantastic? I am completely in love with this eye-catcher on the cake board of Sugar meets Chili.

Rhabarber-Charlotte von Sugar meets Chili

Strawberry and rhubarb love each other, the Miss confectioner is convinced of that. Therefore, they are allowed to cuddle together in a fluffy strawberry-rhubarb cake .

Erdbeer-Rhabarber-Kuchen von Fräulein Zuckerbäckerin

Polkadots in cake form? Oh yes! The Sisters of the Heart show, points.

Polkadot-Tarte mit Rhabarber von Herzschwestern

We can not resist a soft pink meringue cap, right? The recipe for the rhubarb tart with meringue bonnet can be found on Nina von Schokolastig.

Rhabarbertarte mit Baiserhaube von Schokolastig

Hach, is not this rhubarb-strawberry-tiramisu of Emma’s favorite pieces wonderful? I was already enchanted by the strawberry heart.

Rhabarber-Erdbeer-Tiramisu von Emmas Lieblingsstücke

When kissing biscuit tarts with lemon cream fruity rhubarb compote , the coffee gossip is rescued. The recipe can be found in the sugar-sweet Natascha of The Kitchen Whisperer.

Biskuittörtchen mit Zitronencreme und Rhabarberkompott von Das Küchengeflüster

Does not the buttermilk cake look wonderful? The wonderful Tanja from the Foodistas conjured up poached rhubarb. Please a large portion to me!

Buttermilch Küchlein mit pochiertem Rhabarber von Foodistas

Rhubarb Raspberry Tartlets with Oatmeal Sprinkles , the name suggests something delicious. If you look at the pictures of my dear Sandra von Hase in luck then you are definitely off your socks.

Rhabarber Himbeeren Tartelettes mit Haferflocken Streuseln von Hase im Glück

Also on Fantine’s Foodblog there is a rhubarb tart with meringue . Pssst, under the hood hides an Extraprtion rhubarb happiness.

Rhabarbertarte von Fantine's Foodblog

At Sandra’s Tortenträumereien you will find a delicious rhubarb cake after Barbara Bonisolli . Since we like to approve us a bit.

Rhabarberkuchen von Sandras Tortenträumereien One recipe that really got me excited is rhubarb juice from Aska’s Witches Kitchen. There is no better and more delicious utilization of the rhubarb peel.

Rhabarbersaft von Aska's Hexenküche

Rhubarb tarte is always a good idea. The tart of Antonella’s Backblog is refined with vanilla.

Rhabarbertarte von Antonellas Backblog

At Miss Wonderful World there is homemade rhubarb ice cream and preferably a cup of coffee.

Rhabarber-Eis von Fräuleins wunderbare Welt

Rhubarb-Strawberry Cake with Limoncello , this combination can only taste good. You can dust off the recipe at Katinkas Wunderland.

Rhabarber-Erdbeer-Kuchen mit Limoncello von Katinkas Wunderland

Dearest Sarah of The Crunchy Stall, donated us a large portion of rhubarb happiness in the form of a delicious Rhubarb Cheesecake Meringue Tarte .

Rhabarber Cheesecake Baiser Tarte

Well, to whom can I offer a small piece Panna Cotta Tarte with rhubarb compote of Marlene’s sweet things? Allen? Well that’s what I thought.

Rhabarber Panna Cotta Tarte von Marlenes Sweet Things Mascarpone Cream with Rhubarb Compote , This Delicious Dessert from Sarah’s Backblog is likely to be more popular with us.

Mascarponecreme mit Rhabarberkompott von Sarahs Backblog

It is well known that crumble and rhubarb cake are a splendid combination. For things that make you happy you will find the recipe for a fast and juicy rhubarb cake with crumble .

Rhabarberkuchen mit Streuseln von Sachen die glücklich machen

Turbo recipes always go? Then you should not miss the s uprschnell Rhabarbertarte of Kaffeeliebelei.

Superschnelle Rhabarbertarte von Kaffeeliebelei

Look, what a bang recipe the dear Anna S. has sent by email: Crunchy vanilla ball on caramelized oven rhubarb with raspberry tonka Sauce. Does not that sound absolutely heavenly?

Knusprige Rhabarber-Vanillekugel At I.lonas Creative Atelier there is rhubarb cake with cast and meringue bonnet .

Rhabarberkuchen mit Guß von Ilonas Kreativatelier

Cheers! If the Strawberry and Rhubarb Liqueur from Charlotta’s kitchen table tastes the way it looks, this liqueur is the perfect gift for dear friends.

Erdbeer-Rhabarber-Likör von Charlottas Küchentisch

I have a crush on the Nobake Strawberry-Rhubarb Tart by Caketime by Tamaris. Does not it look adorable?

Nobake Erdbeer-Rhabarber Törtchen von Caketime by Tamaris

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Cake – At Bake to the Roots it gets classic and saucer.

Strawberry Rhubarb Streusel Cake von Bake to the Roots

The Chocolate-Rhubarb Cupcakes from Transglobal Pan Party just look gorgeous.

Schoko Rhabarber Cupcakes von Transglobal Pan Party

Rhubarb Strawberry Crumble is always a good idea. If, like that of Villa KuntaBunt, he is hidden under a meringue bonnet, the day is saved.

Erdbeer-Rhabarber-Crumble von Küche KuntaBunt

The rhubarb also tastes heartily wonderful, as evidenced by Katja von Stilettos & Sprouts. There is arugula with rhubarb and gratinated goat’s cheese . Mhhhhm.

Rucola Salat mit Rhabarber und gratiniertem Ziegenkäse von Stilettos & Sprouts

Rhubarb and ginger as a drink? Yes, please. The Recipe for Sparkling Sparkling Rhubarb is available at Jasmine by the Foodistas.

Sparkling Rhubarb von Foodistas

Mona complements our rhubarb pie buffet with a rhubarb cake with quark and crumble .

Rhabarberkuchen mit Quark und Streuseln von Lieblingsrezept

Irene of Rehinkarnation has given the rhubarb a second chance for the blog event and conjured splendid rhubarb meringue pie . Fancy a Large Serving Vegan Custard with Rhubarb Compote ? Then have a look at my dear Nadine von Sweet Pie.

Veganer Vanillepudding mit Rhabarberkompott von Sweet Pie

The Rhubarb Lemon Cake with Strawberries makes a good deal from all the rhubarb stakes. The recipe is available with sugar sweet luck.

Rhabarber-Zitronenkuchen mit Erdbeeren von Zuckersüßes Glück

I love scones and the sweet rhubarb scones from Ina Is (s) t will be sampled at the next opportunity.

Süße Rhabarberscones von Ina Isst

Cheese cake with rhubarb ? Blast! The instructions can be found on Sundays.

Rhabarber Cheesecake von Immer wieder Sonntags

At Verzuckert you can marvel at rhubarb macarons . You still looking for a good recipe for rhubarb jam ? How about refining the jam with a bit of gin this year? Bea of ​​luxury cut shows you how it’s done.

Zweierlei Rhabarbermarmelade von Luxusschnittchen

You just have to let this name melt on your tongue: Creamy ice cream with rhubarb swirls in pink chocolate meringue ice cream wafers , The dear Stephie from Meine Küchenschlacht has it on!

Sahniges Eis mit Rhabarber swirls in rosa Schoko-Baiser Eiswaffeln von Meine Küchenschlacht

My dear Daniela from Ullatrulla bakes and treats us with pampering Rhubarb Tartlets with Oatmeal .

Rhabarbertörtchen mit Haferflocken von Ullatrulla backt und bastelt

Rhubarb and orange – the combination is as simple as it is ingenious. Especially if you like the lovely Kimi of Bake it! packed in delicious handpies .

Rhabarber-Orangen-Handpies von Bake it

Also Lena from Mein leckeres Leben is in the rhubarb madness and brings a wunderschübsch pastelige rhubarb with .

Rhabarber-Wähe von Mein leckeres Leben

Spring on the cake plate: The Panna Cotta Cake with Rhubarb Swirl from the Chocolate Fairy is wonderfully light and refreshing.

Panna Cotta Torte mit Rhabarberswirl

Also Stefanie von Gäste quite easy is a rhubarb lover and serves us rhubarb ginger muffins.

Rhabarber-Ingwer-Muffins von Gäste ganz easy

Dandelion Jam with Rhubarb , does not that sound lovely after spring on the casket? The recipe can be found in organization with Sabine.

Löwenzahnmarmelade mit Rhabarber von Organisation mit Sabine

I think you can never have enough vegan muffin recipes. The Vegan Rhubarb Marzipan Muffins from Lady Windermere’s Pan sound fantastic.

Vegane Rhabarber Marzipan Muffins

You are still looking for a recipe for rhubarb liqueur ? Then take a look at Miss Molly’s little blog.

Rhabarberlikör von Miss Mollys kleiner Blog

Pias Deli serves a pink tarte with rhubarb, beetroot and goat’s cheese. Please a portion to me!

Rosaroter Flammkuchen von Pias Deli

Rhubarb not only goes well with strawberries, raspberries and rhubarb are always a good idea. Especially delicious is the bang box packaged as Pie . The great recipe is available at Creative little things.

Rhabarber-Himbeer-Pie von Creative little things

Now it’s going to be exciting: Cooketteria has crumbly galettes of emmer and rye flour with a rhubarb and apple filling ,

Mürbe Galettes mit Rhabarberfüllung von Cooketteria

You fancy a really unusual creation? Then try the vegan carrot and rhubarb jam from Food Freshion.

Vegane Karotten-Rhabarber-Marmelade von Food Freshion

Poppy seeds, almonds, buckwheat and Greek yoghurt make the upside down rhubarb cake of Elfilii a marvelously nutty highlight on the coffee table.

Umgedrehter Rhabarberkuchen von Elfilii

Behind Choux craquelin with rhubarb and lavender cream Deliciously filled puffs are hidden in flour dust and oven fragrance. The blast!

Choux craquelin mit Rhabarber und Lavendelcreme von Mehlstaub und Ofenduft

Not only I Love Rhubarb Marzipan Mini Gugls , also Melanie of Melis Backstüberl have convinced the sweet things.

Mini Rhabarber Gugl mit Marzipan von Melis Backstüberl By mail, dear Katja has submitted a rhubarb cake with marzipan. Pops combination!


Are you looking for a quick and uncomplicated rhubarb dessert? Then try Johanna’s rhubarb vanilla pudding dessert with rusks.

Rhabarber-Vanillepudding-Dessert The juicy rhubarb cake from Kerstin has also been received by mail. Mhhhhm!

For a fancy rhubarb syrup, you might want to check it out at Mine – Homemade with Love. There are rhubarb apple syrup with apple juice from their own apples.


Where are the Tiramisu lovers? I bet this rhubarb tiramisu from is all to your taste.


This celestial rhubarb-strawberry puff pillow was created in Petie’s kitchen. A little homemade vanilla sauce. Done is the uncomplicated and delicious dessert.


You want to show your loved one how much you love her? Then pamper yourself with Panna Cotta in heart shape on rhubarb mirror . The recipe is available in the gingerbread nest.

tonka panna cotta auf rhabarberspiegel - Blogevent Rhubarb Happiness - All recipes and the winners

Is this beautiful rhubarb rose cake with vanilla cream from Madame Beet not the blast?

Rhabarber-Vanillecreme-Rosenkuchen von Madame Rote Rübe

The rhubarb cake with cinnamon crumbles looks so pretty thanks to the cute floral decoration. I’d like to get a piece of it, dear Rebecca from Baby Rock my Day.

Rhabarber-Streuselkuchen von Baby rock my day

The muffin girl spoils us with a rhubarb streusel with pudding and strawberries .

Rhabarber-Streusel mit Pudding und Erdbeeren

At the lovely Anita by Olles Himmelsglitzerdings, there is twice the portion of rhubarb happiness in the form of Two kinds of chocolate cream with rhubarb .

Zweierlei Schokocremes mit Rhabarber von Olles Himmelsglitzerding

A hot candidate for the coffee gossip comes from the scent of the kitchen and baking enjoyment. Does not the Rhubarb Quark Cake with Sprinkles sound marvelous?

Rhabarberkuchen von Kuchenduft und Backgenuss

The dear Verena von Grüne Mixtion has conjured us a iced rhubarb tart with coconut . And you know how much I love the combination of coconut and rhubarb. This is absolutely necessary!

Geeistes Rhabarber-Kokos-Törtchen von Grüne Mixtion

The rhubarb can even taste the smallest, proves baby brewery recipes with Rhubarb Coconut Oatmeal Biscuits .


The sweet Laura of Coal hearted’s delicious Rhubarb and Raspberry Jam with a touch of vanilla.

Rhabarber-Himbeer-Marmelade von Coal hearted

Tulip Day spoils us with White chocolate soufflé with a rhubarb core .

Weiße-Schokolade-Soufflé von Tulpentag

I think yes, as a snail curled everything tastes so good again. The rhubarb-pot snails from simply easy are certainly no exception.

Rhabarber-Topfen-Schnecken von Einfachleicht

Fancy butter-soft cookies? Then try the treats with rhubarb, vanilla and hazelnuts from the cook girls.

Cookies mit Rhabarber, Vanille und Haselnüssen von Kochmädchen

After all the sweet treats, there is a hearty meal to finish: Rhubarb Lentil Dhal from From Veggie to Vegan. Delicious!


Die Gewinner -

Now it’s finally time for me to announce the winners. Drum roll and ink:

Rhabarber-Blogevent-Gewinn -

Over a chopping board, a wooden spoon and two beautiful bowls of the company Räder * she is allowed to Petie von [ 19459251] Petie’s Kitchen pleased.

Rhabarber-Blogevent-Gewinn -

The Mini Cloche with Hearts and the Enchanting Kitchen Towel of the Company Wheels * go to Emma of Emma’s favorite pieces 19459004]. Congratulations!

Rhabarber-Blogevent-Gewinn -

The Schlemmerpaket of Byodo * wins the belinda of Verzuckert with her hearty rhubarb macarons ,

Dearest Winner, please email me your addresses so I can send you your winnings.

Rhabarberglück-Das Blogevent im Kochkarussell -

Now I want to thank you all again. You are the best and I’m really looking forward to the next blog event with you!

* For the blog event Rhubarb Happiness, I was supported by wonderful sponsors who provided your grandiose winnings. Many thanks to Räder and Byodo for the good cooperation.

Which recipe do you really want to try?

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