11 quick and easy pasta recipes

11 schnelle und einfache Pastarezepte - kochkarussell.com

There’s nothing like a portion of steaming pasta, right? On top of it a creamy sauce, a bit of vegetables and Parmesan, we are already floating in the seventh noodle heaven.

That’s why I’m serving you today 11 quick and easy pasta recipes.

Ready in no time and delicious Soulfood – that’s how we enjoy it! Pasta with cream cheese sauce and smoked salmon

11 schnelle und einfache Pastarezepte: Pasta mit Frischkäse-Sauce und Räucherlachs - kochkarussell.com You like salmon? Then you’ll love the pasta with cream cheese sauce and smoked salmon ! Creamy, spicy and on the table in 15 minutes – that’s how fast Soulfood goes!

11 schnelle und einfache Pastarezepte: Kürbis-Pasta mit Salbei - kochkarussell.com

Pumpkin Pasta with Sage

To all Pumpkin Lovers and Pasta Fans: the Pumpkin -Pasta with sage are the blast. Creamy. Spicy. Ready in 30 minutes. We do not need more good arguments, right?

One Pot Pasta Grundrezept - Kochkarussell.com

One Pot Pasta Master Recipe

You are hungry, but you do not feel like cooking? One Pot Pasta is your savior in need! For the practical pasta dish you give all the ingredients in a pot. Then you kill every two minutes. After 10 minutes you will be rewarded with a large portion of Pastaglück. Sounds pretty perfect, right?

Penne-mit-Zucchini-und-Zitrone - Kochkarussell.com

Penne with Fried Zucchini and Lemon

Mhhhhm! The Penne with Fried Zucchini and Lemon taste on the plate after summer. The fast-paced happy maker is perfect for toasting the summer with dear friends and a good glass of white wine. Or the winter. Or on yourself.

15- Minuten Cremige Knoblauch-Pasta - Kochkarussell.com

15-minute garlic pasta

Fancy an extra dose of garlic? The 15-minute Garlic Pasta is a must for all garlic fans. If you like it on the fly and ready for the evening, you should not miss this Soulfood!

Spaghetti mit Zitronen und Champignons - Kochkarussell.com

Spaghetti with lemons and mushrooms

Helping against fast hunger Spaghetti with lemons and mushrooms [19459005 ] . Especially at this dish is that only the noodles have to cook. While the pasta is cooking, you put the mushrooms in a marinade of lemon juice and garlic. Before serving you mix everything. Ready is the 15-minute soul food.

Pasta with garlic, lemon and Parmesan

Garlic + lemon + parmesan = very large pasta disaster. You’ll love the 15-minute Pasta with Garlic, Lemon and Parmesan because they’re fresh, easy and done in an instant!

Turkish pasta with minced meat and yoghurt sauce

The Turkish pasta with minced meat and yoghurt sauce is certainly among the top 3 most frequently re-cooked dishes. No wonder! When crispy roasted minced meat and grated zucchini with pasta cuddle under a dollop of yoghurt sauce, great enjoyment is inevitable.

Pasta mit Salbei, getrockneten Tomaten und Feta - Kochkarussell.com

Pasta with sage, dried tomatoes and feta

Psssst! The Pasta with Sage, Dried Tomatoes and Feta is the perfect copycat recipe for the Pasta Salvia of Vapiano. Spicy, creamy and in 15 minutes on the table – so we get the Vapiano at the local dining table.

Pasta mit Zucchini und Ziegenkäse - Kochkarussell.com

Pasta with zucchini and goat’s cheese

When it’s cold and uncomfortable outside, there’s nothing like a steaming serving [ 19459004] Pasta with zucchini and goat’s cheese . Honey and rosemary make the dish the perfect soul-comforter. Bonus: The noodles are done in less than 20 minutes.

Vegetarische Linsen-Bolognese - Kochkarussell.com

Vegetarian Lentil Bolognese

Bolognese without meat? But hello! The Vegetarian Lentils Bolognese is packed with typical Bolognese ingredients. On top of that, there are delicious lentils. This soulfood tastes veggies AND meat lovers.

Now I’m curious: Which pasta dish is your favorite?

You tried these recipes? Then let me know! Comment, rate and do not forget to tag your photo on Instagram with #kochkarussell . Thank you, dear ones!

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