10 cuddly Soulfood recipes for uncomfortable autumn days

10 kuschelige Soulfood-Rezepte für ungemütliche Herbsttage. Schnelle, einfache und herzhafte Rezepte. - Kochkarussell.com #herbstrezepte #soulfood #schnellundeinfach #kochkarussell

Autumn time is Soulfoodzeit. Are you the same? At the moment I’m just thinking about steaming pasta and warming stews.

That’s why I serve you today 10 cuddly Soulfood recipes for uncomfortable autumn days . All ready in no time and packed with good ingredients.

On a cuddly-delicious autumn, my dears.

Soulfood im Herbst: Kichererbsen-Bohnen-Stew mit Tomaten und Feta - kochkarussell.com #herbstrezepte #soulfood #schnellundeinfach

Chickpea Bean Stew with Tomatoes and Feta

[19459001 ] When it’s gray and uncomfortable outside, nothing beats a warm, warm stew. The Chickpea Bean Stew with Tomatoes and Feta is packed with good ingredients, done in a jiffy and a true classic at home cooking carousel.

Bombastische Spitzkohl-Hack-Pfanne - Kochkarussell.com

Bombastic pointed cabbage-chop pan

The Bombastic pointed cabbage-chop pan [ 19459004] is packed with crispy minced meat and pointed cabbage braised in spicy vegetable broth with a lot of smoked paprika powder. Perfect for bad weather and low carb – it could not be better!

Soulfood im Herbst: Vegetarische Linsen-Bolognese - kochkarussell.com #soulfood #herbstrezept #schnellundeinfach

Vegetarian Lentil Bolognese

Bolognese without meat? But hello! The Vegetarian Lentil Bolognese is made from luscious Bolognese ingredients and is guaranteed to not only taste veggies.

Soulfood im Herbst: One Pot Pasta Grundrezept - kochkarussell.com #herbstrezept #onepotpasta #onepot #schnellundeinfach

One Pot Pasta Master Recipe

Actually, you do not want to move one inch from your couch, but the Stomach is growling? One Pot Pasta is your savior in the Kuscheltagsnot. For the large portion of Pastaglück you simply throw the ingredients into a pot and stir every two minutes. After 12 minutes you will be rewarded with delicious pasta.

Soulfood im Herbst: Karotten-Erdnuss-Suppe mit Kokosmilch - kochkarussell.com

Carrot and peanut soup with coconut milk

You like soup? You like peanut butter? Then you must try the carrot and peanut soup with coconut milk ! Wonderfully creamy, a bit spicy and with a decent pinch of exoticism, this blatant definitely saves every rainy Sunday.

Herzhafte Lauch-Schupfnudel-Pfanne - Kochkarussell.com

Hearty Leek Shovel Noodle Pan

This autumnal 5-Ingredient Recipe [19459004 ] is peppered with crispy, golden-brown fried potato noodles and leek, which stew with oat cream and paprika powder to delicious soul food. The best? For the quickie you are not 30 minutes in the kitchen!

Soulfood im Herbst: Türkische Pasta mit Hackfleisch und Joghurt-Sauce - Kochkarussell.com

Turkish pasta with hamburger and yoghurt sauce

The Turkish pasta with hack and yoghurt sauce I cook when dear friends are standing in front of my door pladdernass and need something to warm up. Crispy roasted minced meat and grated zucchini snuggle with pasta under a dollop of yoghurt sauce. Since the mist is already forgotten on the first spoon, promised!

Soulfood im Herbst: Pizzadillas - kochkarussell.com #herbstrezept #schnellundeinfach #pizzadillas


When it comes to cuddly Soulfood, Pizzadillas 19459007] by no means absent. The quick and healthy alternative to pizza is the delicious result of a romance between pizza and quesadilla. Crunchy, extra cheesy and always good.

Soulfood im Herbst: Vegetarisches Chili mit Linsen - kochkarussell.com

Vegetarian chilli with lentils

Hearty, warming and packed with typical chilli ingredients – the [ 19459035] Vegetarian chili with lentils Always works. The cuddly stew can be prepared perfectly. When you arrive at home after a long autumn walk, you just have to warm up the pot and start spooning.

Soulfood im Herbst: Bruschetta Chicken Burger - kochkarussell.com

Bruschetta Chicken Burger

A small excursion into the seventh burger heaven? The Bruschetta Chicken Burger is deliciously juicy and catapults you directly to Bella Italia. Delicious balsamic chicken breast fillet, bruschetta tomato salad and ciabatta buns make this burger an Italian favorite.

Kürbis-Pasta mit Speck und Salbei - Kochkarussell.com

Pumpkin pasta with bacon and sage

Spicy, creamy and ready in 30 minutes, the Pumpkin Pasta with Bacon and Sage are a real favorite here. Perfect to use up leftover Hokkaido and absolute Soulfood.

Now I’m curious – which cuddly Soulfood is your favorite? And what do you like to warm up on dingy autumn days?

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